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Cinema for All - what a great strapline to capture the aspiration of the Community Cinema movement. Where commercial cinemas may not be viable, why not have a community cinema? Community may not sound as exciting as commercial, time will tell, but it is our hope that we can be more flexible and adventurous as income generation is not necessarily the most important reason to keep the cinema going.

It will be down to the participants of the community cinema to decide how exciting and adventurous it will be and it is our hope that this is what the people who come to the cinema will prove to be! Films are about imagination and creativity to translate life into insightful and fulfilling experiences. Lets bring some of that to the way the community cinema operates and the programmes it develops over the next few years.

We look forward to an exciting and varied first year and that together we can look back and say "that was great, lets do it again".


Keeping you in the picture
  • BFI - "New Horizons"

    BFFS are encouraiging members to look at the BFI consultation "New Horizons for UK Film". The link is 

  • The Hobbit - an unexpected journey

    The first installment is due for release on the 14th December 2012. To whet your appetite you may wish to see the trailer by clicking on the above title which has a link embedded.

  • Movie makers called!

    The Ardrossan Community Cinema is keen to play its part in the regeneration of the area. To do this we have an aspiration to make a film about ayrshire for visitors to the area. It is as simple as that. We would like to hear from you if you can contribute to a community project based on film, photgraphy and music.

The Ardrossan Community Cinema is based within the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene, 150A Glasgow Street, Ardrossan, Ayrshire, KA22 8EU
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