WELCOME to the Ardrossan Community Cinema. Please do not be put off by the name - as there are other community cinemas we avoided being grandiose and calling ourselves the "North Ayrshire Community Cinema". Ardrossan is where we have started and is not exclusive in any sense. We also hope that being based in a local church will also not be off putting. The founding members are either connected to the church or are members of the clubs within the church. We share one aspiration - to bring the cinematic experience to all.

This is a new venture for the area to address the needs of film fans of all ages and enjoyment - drama, family, action and adventure. We approached the British Federation of Film Societies to see what could be done when our local cinema closed and they were supportive of the idea of a community cinema.

The ABCD project, in Central Ardrossan, consulted widely on local needs and it is our understanding that the results included the expressed desire for a community cinema to be opened. We hope that the information sent to schools and other locations will be of interest and we can start to build up the involvement of the wider community.

The emphasis of the club will be on fun. Films are fun. They can be informative and educational, but are also fun. We also want the cinema experience to be for all. Of course we also want quality. We appreciate that in this day and age of technological advancements most homes have access to equipment that is Full HD and can show Blu-Ray DVD's. However, have you ever felt that there are some films that need to be seen on the Big Screen? We would like to have installed the latest equipment to allow this to be the case. We have the space and the specifications from a national company. To be able to access the grant we just need to prove need - and if you come along and join us at any of our showings we can demonstrate support and desire to experience the full cinematic experience that film makers want you to have. In addition, the equipment being proposed includes 3D capabilities.

There are restrictions on how the club can promote the films being shown due to Licensing requirements - for instance we cannot name the film being shown in the promotional materials - and we cannot charge for attendance at showings. We suggest a donation rate to help cover some basic costs. Once we become established we will look at a membership from which we can actively promote the films and show the latest block busters - no more waiting for the DVD or having to travel to Kilmarnock, Linwood, Ayr or Glasgow. A cinematic experience in your own community.

At the moment the showings are restricted to the last Saturday of the month due to the commitment needed by volunteers and is showing children films. We would like to add an adults session on a mid-week meeting. If that would be of interest to you drop us a line and let us know.

The community cinema has all the licences in place to allow it to show films and play sound tracks. This is supplied through www.ccli.co.uk and is called a CVLI licence.As we have joined the BFFS we want to ensure we do the job correctly and have all the right approaches to running a well regulated and governed group.

The Ardrossan Community Cinema is based within the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene, 150A Glasgow Street, Ardrossan, Ayrshire, KA22 8EU
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